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We’re officially ready for another season of ballet. If you recall last year we had Sofia signed up for ballet and although it wasn’t a total flop, she had a difficult time taking part. She was shy, and nervous, and just all around not in her element; many times I thought of just pulling her. But a few other mamas’ reassured me this is normal and to stick with it, this I did and after 4 classes I had a little miss tutu on my hands. The thought that I almost removed her from the class actually had me in tears, all the fun she would have missed out on if I had given up on her. Parenthood is not easy, the decisions we have to make for these little people are not easy, and always thoroughly planned and thought out. We ask ourselves “what if…” and contradict decisions on the daily.


{some of my very favorite shots via instagram last year; and oh! the memories that come with each of them}

BUT I am happy to announce that starting July 11th, after Sofia requested, she starts ballet once again; and I’m almost certain I’m just as excited as she is this year! The afternoons at home that are filled with dressing up and gracefully waltzing through the house like a butterfly will now payoff more in love and smiles; she’s going to be star!

TELL ME :: Do you find these decisions as difficult as I do? I mean I don’t want to force her to do anything she doesn’t obviously enjoy, but I would hate to see her miss out on this part of her childhood. 


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  1. YAY! She is going to have so much fun. You are making me really look forward to having Evie try this. Her blue outfit is the best!

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