FAMILY: Unlikely Necessities


The one thing I can’t live without? My camera. It’s the truth! I swear it!

…it’s like a first class ticket to an unforgettable moment in time from your past.

Honestly, what one thing can you not see yourself being able to live without, of course other than your health, food, water and family (we all know this is a given for survival). For me, hands down it’s my camera. I sorta’ knew it was a big deal to me before last week, but it wasn’t until it was removed from my life that I realized just how lost I feel without it.

Photo’s mean so much to me, it’s like a first class ticket to an unforgettable moment in time from your past. Nothing get’s better than this, reliving memories in the form of a still picture or video are things that heal wounds, that strengthens hearts, and remind forgetful minds of the happy times in your life. I could never give up my camera, with just how many frozen memories it has provided me and my family with, I am so grateful.

In case you’re at all curious, the current camera I use (and love) is the Canon EOS Rebel SL1. I have it, along with 2 lenses, the EFS 18-55mm and the EF 50MM, this camera is what I use both for personal and business photographs. It is by far the best camera I have owned to date, light-weight, compact, crazy easy to use and produces pictures that are flawless each and every time.


TELL ME one unlikely thing you couldn’t live without?

PLEASE; this post was in no means sponsored by Canon, simply me sharing my love for a product
I put my trust in each and everyday. 


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  1. Shannon grochowski says:

    SAME! Love taking photos! Could not live without mine either. I use a 60D with my trusty 50mm and 24-70mm. Looking to get a go pro this year for all the adventures we go on. I have a photography business as well but because of how much time it takes away from my family I’m closing it down 🙁 bitter sweet.

    • Tairalyn says:

      Shannon, what is your favorite accessory for your camera? I’m curious, With how much money I spend on everyday jewels, maybe I should be putting some money in camera essentials. Tell me what if you favorite camera add on?

      OH NO! I’m sorry Shannon, however just think about all the memories you can capture of YOUR family with all this time now. You will never loose the passion when you have the perfect models every single day 🙂


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