FASHION: How Phillip Lim gave me serious anxiety


Let me explain. Come into my life, behind the scenes, just for a moment. Let’s take it back to Sunday, September 15th, when Phillip Lim launched into Target stores across the US and Canada. Here is how it went down:

6:20am: Ma’ma! I awake! Ma’ma! Come gets me pweese! – my wakeup call has spoken
6:25am: Mum, Dad, and Sofia watchin’ cartoons in bed, starting off her 2nd birthday with morning cuddles
7:00am: I roll out of bed, wash my face with liquid gold, get my makeup done and sneak out the door
7:30am: I arrive at Target and get in line with the rest of ’em
8:00am: Doors open; a perfect single line, turn into a race letting the sprinter comes in first.
8:03am: Phillip Lim SOLD OUT, I feel completely defeated.
8:05am: I buddy up with another “sad soul” and we decide to stick around to see if anyone decides they don’t need 7 of the same bag. No Luck.
8:49am: I leave Target empty handed
9:00am: I arrive home with breakfast for the family and say to the husband “I’m a wimp, I couldn’t push or punch, I got nothing
9:51am: My family comes to the rescue; in a neon leotard and all.

My cousin drove out to her Target on the island to see if she could find the bag I had my heart set on. Low and behold her Phillip Lim section had been untouched. Seriously?! This is just a fashion crime people. But I was reaping all the benefits and I couldn’t be more happy. My family is seriously amazing! Not just because they get me the latest and greatest in fashion accessories, but because they would do almost anything to see me happy. Isn’t it incredible to know that their are others out there that would do just as much for you as you would for them. This is my family. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

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Jen, I told you once, but I’ll tell you again, and again, and again…
Thank you for going above and beyond, in a neon leotard, documenting every step of your way, just to make me happy.



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  1. What a cute post T! Love your Phillip Lim obsession 😉

  2. Hahah, too cute. Glad you got a bag!

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