Fashion is Art

Stumbled across this amazing artist over the weekend, Darcel Disappoints. I can’t even begin to tell you how much he has made me smile since finding his site… blog, facebook, twitter and instagram… yes, you could say I’m a little obsessed. For me, he makes art fun, colorful, playful, and down right silly. I just love all that he is about. 

Attempting to learn a little bit more about Darcel, here is what I find {hold back your giggles}:

Hi! My name is Darcel Disappoints, I live in New York and my blog is about the highs and lows of life in a big city. For better or worse (usually worse).  I’m on Facebook or Twitter if you want to further follow my drudgery (my Instagram @dourdarcel), or there’s a few articles here and here if you want punish yourself

even more.

All my worst,

In my eyes {no pun intended}, Darcel is a genius as far as artists go. His pieces I would hang in my home, my office, and for that matter, anywhere I had real estate to spare. They are playful, colorful and most importantly bang on when it comes to their models. Incredible I say, incredible. Until now I have had not much interest in Art – purchasing or soaking in. Darcel Disappoints, you have peaked my interest. Wish your exhibits were in Vancouver. Guess I’ll have to travel to New York to get my face to face fix… twist my rubber arm!

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