FASHION: Lover of Love Tee


… it’s officially September and therefore it’s FALL

I love everything fall; the weather, the bbeautifulcolors, the crisp weather, pumpkin spice everything, an fashion! What is their not to love? No honestly, tell me what about Fall don’t you love? For me it’s the perfect time to take a break from the hustle and bustle that Summer seems to bring. It’s a time we can slow down, sit back, and savor every last bite of that donut.

Seriously? This sweater though! Am I alone here or are you not totally smitten? For me it was love at first site, the color, the sized, the knit, and draping; Um YES PLEASE! I can see this being THE CARDIGAN I throw on with absolutely everything. That is until my husband reminds me it needs to hit the hamper, it is the 5th time I wore it that week!



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