FASHION: Rain Rain Come And Play…


You hate me don’t you? I can handle it, don’t worry, throw your hate this way, the shield I hold is made of kittens I dare you to throw something cruel.

I admit, my blood is cold, Fall and Winter are my seasons. Sure I enjoy the sunshine and no doubt I love getting a healthy dose of vitamin D the natural way, but it’s time. Summer, your stay here has gone on too long, if you don’t leave by next month, I will have to do something drastic. What, I don’t know yet, but it’ll be ugly.

Fall fashion for me is what dreams are made of. The knit scarves, the masculine boots, the beautiful bags, the COZINESS that is looked at in a chic way versus laziness. LAYER UP BABY, this Fall is gonna’ be a gooder. I’ve been crushing on so much style for this upcoming chilly season I’m actually quite worried about upcoming shopping trips. I’m the worst when it comes to an item I have my eye on, I’ll stalk it for months, it will never leave my mind not even once. The moment that piece goes on sale there is nothing I can do to stop the plastic from burning up.


  •  Joggers; what’s not to love? My goal is finding enough pairs to take me through an entire week without even the scent of Tide hitting these nostrils
  • Denim Jacket; the jacket that pairs well with everything. I’ve had my eye on a few denim jackets over the summer but never pulled the trigger; after seeing this one combining both denim and cotton, my goals are set. must own.
  • Sleeveless Cape; like an accessory, you can never have too many. I feel like my wardrobe is missing out not having this waterfall cape in it. I love the ease it would give running out the door, crisp dark wash jeans, an ash long sleeve tee and THIS. it’s magical really.
  • Plaid Scarf; just because it’s a necessity. Can you believe I’ve had my heart set on a navy, red and white plaid scarf since last Winter? Ridiculous right?! This year I will own one, just you wait and see.
  • Boots; any boots that I could share with Sammy will work. I love a good masculine boot, when I see another woman wearing a boot that looks snatched from the his-side of the closet I get all giddy. Need me some boy boots this Fall, stat!
  • Saddle Bag; a structured bag that isn’t big enough to hold it all. It must be done, the bag must get smaller. Quite possibly the wrong time of year to do so, with the added gloves and little people necessities that come with cold weather, but it must be done. And I’m doin’ it!

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  1. So much yes to all of this. I’m done with hot weather. I’m on the search for a cape like that for my maternity photos! I’ve wanted a scarf like that one since last year. Now I’ll be watching for sales.

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