Feather Hair Extensions…I love you!

They are not a NEW Trend however I seem to always wait a bit when it comes to a trend to really see what its all about. Feather Hair Extensions have my full blown attention these days and I would have to say its more a love than a like when it comes to its concept.

Easy to do at home, Affordable for anyone and everyone, and a great way to change the everyday look to something unique and fresh. I have done enough research showing me “how to” make them myself, and “where to” buy them online and now I’m here to share, in case you are like me and want them now! now! now!

Places I’ve found selling “real” feathers:
* the reason its so important the feathers are “real” and not synthetic are because you can keep them in your hair while washing, curling, primping ANYTHING really…. its like a real hair extension. If you were to take a straight iron or curling iron to a synthetic feather it will melt.

1. ETSY | click here – Feather Hair Extensions including clips and tools for as little as $0.20
2. Famous Feathers | click here – Thanks to Kandee Johnson from Kandeeland, her Video tutorial not only was fun to watch but very informative and her suggestions leads us to Do Hair Extensions which Feathers sell for as little as $2.50 each
3. Foxy Feather | click here – I noticed most of the feathers are sold out right now, however I would say stay tuned for when they update their stock. Sold for as little as $2.00 each. 
4. eBay | click here – Of course you still need to be cautious of purchasing on ebay that you are getting what it actually states. So make sure their reviews are positive on the seller and read the fine print. 

Places I found selling Extension Tool and Clips:
* I have given lots of thought on how to make them without these special Extension Clips and you could use a basic snap clip or even bobby pin, however these Extension Clips are more permanent in regards to not having to take them out while washing or styling your hair. 

1. ETSY | click here – These links or clips, if you will, allow you to wash your hair with ease and are more of a permanent fixture vs. just putting them in with a bobby pin or a hair clip/snap. So extremely cheap, why not is my thought, sold for as little as $0.20 each
2. Famous Feathers | click here – Same ones as sold on ETSY but sold from an actual retailer. Not everyone is confident about purchasing from an individual person online. I can understand but this is not the case for moi, I go for price and quality, that’s it. that’s all. Sold here for as little as $0.30 each.
3. eBay | click here – Again the same as I mentioned above, before you buy anything from anyone off ebay make sure the seller has all positive feedback and read the fine print. 

Video Tutorial on “how to” that I found Fabulous:

{Kandee Johnson from Kandeeland Blog}

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  1. It seems that it is cheap to get it.And it is easy to fix it.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. i am very impressaed with your work you have nice collection of Feather Hair Extensions ..Some nice

    collection is also availble on fashion blog..

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