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Their are these two amazing woman. Lisa and Marnie. They’re related, cousins, awesome-ness runs in their family. They own a 4Cats Art Studio, located in Port Coquitlam, and in my eyes they’re the bees knees. They’re living their dream, and that pretty much makes my first statement true, but if you need here’s another reason.

I hosted a fun event at their studio last week in hope to do two things, one, see some of my most favorite mama bloggers again before the new year, and two, keeping Sofia up way past her bedtime just to see how much wilder a bedtime routine could get. Only kidding, the second reason I wanted to hail everyone into the tri-cities was to show them just how amazing Lisa and Marnie’s studio is. The space and their expertise can be used in so many ways, from kids birthday parties, workshops, to private adult parties and creative girls nights; no doubt the skies the limit on this one.

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This night at the studio we made a winter scene using polymer clay, paint, and a beautiful blank canvas {anyone else get all giddy inside when they see a clean slate to work with besides me?}. Lisa and Marnie instructed us, and humored us all the way through, no better way to make art in my mind, completely at ease. We started off making our penguins with clay, squishing, rolling and pushing together. Working our way into painting our chilly winter scenes and leaving them to dry. We took the party into the splatter room for a little refreshments and an impromptu dance party, because that’s just what happens when you get 9 kids in a room that are up past their bedtime; they requested “shake-it-off” and the rest was photographic history.

If you’re ever looking to host an event, or get your craft on with or without kids, I highly recommend the 4Cats Art Studio in Port Coquitlam. Lisa and Marnie will no doubt take care or you and have you digging deep into your creative souls more than you ever thought possible. I’m planning on hosting another private event at the end of January for some girlfriends of mine, as well I have my heart set on signing Sofia Marie up for a few more workshops, like the Princess & Fairy one and Winter Artist Focus class.



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