FEATURE: Amazon introduces us to MYHABIT


Did you hear? Amazon has done another good thing besides providing us with our every essentials at wicked pricing. They have tapped into the “private shopping club” market. Daily boutiques that give you extremely low pricing on items we find ourselves lusting over but never splurging on. Hot Damn! — so pumped about this!!!


So like Beyond the Rack and Hautelook, they dish out daily deals on a number of boutiques including Womans, Mens and Childrens clothing, shoes, accessories, home decor including designer outlets. Our dreams are coming true ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Closets filled with quality designer pieces with Old Navy price tags! Holy Hannah! {trying to see how many 2-word-exclamations I can fit in this one post}

womans mens children Decor

For those of you who choose to shop mostly online, can I get a What-What!  Tell me friends, do you find yourself reaching for sites like these, private shopping clubs? Or do you find yourself going directly to a site you know and love and just BUY at whatever the cost? I wanna know! Share all your juicy online-shopping secrets with me!

PS: I was able to fit in 3 two-word-exclamations without pissing too many of your off! — Say What?!
PPS: make that 4


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