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That time that I ordered 4 bathing suits online wondering if I would get lucky to at least keep 1

Sometimes ordering things online can feel riskier than playing the lotto with your child’s savings account. Honestly though, I doubt a great deal of us would put all our trust in buying lingerie or bathing suits online. Am I right? The quality, the fit and the comfort is just so important on these kinds of purchases that we’re most comfortable going into a store and trying things on before handing over the dough. But with how things are going, online shopping gives us the best bang for our buck in both selection and price and this is why I took a huge leaf of faith in ordering 4 bathing suits at once. 

Here was my theory (crazy sounding or not), I would order a bathing suit, or two, for my current belly bump state. I wasn’t interested in buying maternity (for many obvious reasons) but was planning on buying a few sizes up than what I would normally wear for growth. I then planned on ordering another for post baby, one I knew I would be comfortable in sporting at the pool or on winter vacation away. And finally another for motivation; a bathing suit I would healthily work towards in being comfortable and confident in wearing that upcoming Summer.

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These theories of mine are actually quite fun to dream up and usually come at night while I lay awake in bed, but in hindsight are a bad idea for my trust in online purchases of this nature. UNTIL THE TIME THAT IT DOESN’T DISAPPOINT


After much deliberation on the Swimsuits For All website, a Facebook poll and a few long nights, these are the 4 swimsuits I chose for the now and then bathing suit theory I was going with. I found what I felt were the 4 perfect bathing suits, if of course they arrived as they were described (and photographed). Here they are, including my verdict on each of them!

Fullscreen capture 2016-04-10 82945 PMStylish Pregnancy Bathing Suit
The Mastermind Tawny Swimsuit” 
Regular: $84.00     Sale: $58.80

I fell in love with this suit the moment I set eyes on it. The pattern, the straps, the cut, the underwire. I had to have it…. just in a few sizes bigger than normal. I ordered it taking my now measurements, going down a size so that the cups were not too big. I knew I needed the room in my tummy, but it’s a bathing suit, I wanted it to cling to my body. 

THE VERDICT: The size (and beauty) couldn’t have been more perfect! After I got over my first initial reaction of having to order a size I was not used to, I’m so happy I went with what the size chart suggested (and other reviewers who got the suit)



Fullscreen capture 2016-04-10 83058 PMAdorable Pregnancy Bathing Suit
Ruffle Swimdress
Regular: $78.00     Sale: $54.60

I was on the fence with this swimsuit as I just wasn’t sure if it was loud enough. I like a bold print, a lovely shade of anything bright, and this just felt safe to me. I chose it mostly because I liked the swimdress look, I thought at the tail-end of my pregnancy I would probably really appreciate a little more coverage. 

THE VERDICT: Thank gawd I went with my conservative judgement call, the suit might be my favorite of the 4 (go figure). The shape is just so perfect and my belly bump looks beyond sweet it in. So happy we click “add to cart” on this one. 



Fullscreen capture 2016-04-25 10104 PMBeautiful Post-Baby Bathing Suit
Olive Mesh Insert Swinsuit
Regular: $79.00     Sale: $55.30

This swimsuit spoke to me on a few levels; it’s sexy but still conservative, something I know I will be wanting post-baby. It shows just enough skin that is not only sexy but confident boosting and it’s a luxurious shade of green that I couldn’t pass up. Perfect post-baby swimsuit in my eyes!

THE VERDICT: Exactly as I explained above, complete perfection! Although a little tight with a try on when it arrived, it’s exactly what I wanted and will be flawless for after this baby bump of mine begins to disappear.  



Fullscreen capture 2016-04-25 10234 PMSexy Motivational Bathing Suit
Robyn Lawley Bikini
Regular: $175.00     Sale: $122.43

This swimsuit for me was what dreams are made of. Gave you options in waistlines with a band that could be moved higher or lower. A sweet, but simple nautical patter, and of course support. All the things that make up the perfect motivational bathing suit for a mama post baby, hitting the beaches.

THE VERDICT: I did not tease myself with putt the bathing suit on when it arrived, I knew it would be tights and I wanted it to be that way. Nothing like having a goal bathing suit to work towards, especially once this beautiful. She currently lives in my lingerie drawer waiting for Summer 2017. 



IF YOU NEED ME I’ll be anywhere they allow for me to be dressed in my bathing suit, because honestly with a swimsuit that makes you feel this beautiful, they need to be used! First up, Washington, when #TheCiullasDoGreatWolfLodge, you can bet I will put these to pregnancy bathing suits to good use. 


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