FEATURE: Boots by SOREL. Family by me.

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HIS: Old Navy Shirt & Jeans // Gap Toque & Scarf (similar) // Boots c/o SOREL
HERS: Old Navy Shirt, Vest (similar), Jeans & Necklace // Boots c/o SOREL
THE LITTLE: Joe Fresh Sweater & Skirt // Over the Loom Socks // Boots c/o SOREL

It used to be that we’d have to compromise on our fashion in the poor weather; you know what I mean, the cumbersome basic black boot that could easily be shared between male and female family members without any question. Yeah those! We all had them, because what else was there?

We’re excited (and relieved) to share that we’ve partnered with SOREL this winter to show you just how stylish fall and winter boots have become. Boots that can not only withstand the elements, but can do it with style. Boots with a wedge, SAY WHAT?! Although I was born in August, my heart and soul belong in the cold, chilly months. When I saw these wedge boots in a leather and canvas combo that were waterproof, you can imagine the heart eyes I was throwing their way. MUST. BE. MINE. I’ve worn them quite a bit recently including an afternoon birthday party and a day of running errands, comfortable to the very last step. I’m in love. 

Sammy chose a mid hiker boot as he needed a boot for the in-betweeny days leading up to winter.  You know, the not quite snow yet, definitely not dry but cold and chilly weather, a  fairly standard fall afternoon in Vancouver. He loves them, I love them, and Sofia is just smitten with the red laces. win-win-win

The one thing Sofia hates about her boots, is taking them off. The first week we had them she wasn’t able to wear them out as per my orders. I wanted to make sure I had the opportunity to photograph them in all their glory, and not after Sofia had been out on one of her adventures (those are the days that the clothing gets dropped in the mud room, before furthering themselves into the house). It killed her to see these hot pink boots taunting her from the office, so much so that she wore them inside the house on a few occasions casually mentioning one night that they would make great in bed slippers; nice try kid.  

It’s no doubt our family loves our newest additions to our shoe wardrobe, and likely Sammy is making us all remove one pair each to make room. Sofia and I are not digging this idea and have asked for it to go to a vote.



//Founded in 1962 in Canada, SOREL brings its functionality and heritage of expert craftsmanship to the modern world of fashion, where it is inspiring a new generation of doers, builders, and creators. And though SOREL makes more than just boots, there’s a boot in everything SOREL makes. SOREL combines felt, wool, premium leather, and flawless construction with people who aren’t afraid to get their boots dirty.

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//SOREL believes all girls deserve a bright future (as do we), they’re proud to be partnering with Girls Inc. to help provide more that 140,000 girls across the U.S. and Canada with life-changing experiences and solutions to the unique challenges girls face. Since 1999, Girls Inc. of New York City has gifted girls transitioning from high school to college with scholarships and gift bags. This year, SOREL provided boots to help prepare girls for their journey to college. And because we totally love and support companies and their products that give back, we love that we’re spending most of our winter in these boots.


Disclosure:: We did receive product to compile our post, however the opinions are completely my own.


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