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You know what I love even more than newly-renovated shopping centers and even more than the surge of new stores they end up dangling in front of our fashionable noses, is the generous marketing team that usually tackles the promotion of their new pad. If you’ve not made you way out to Guildford Town Centre yet, I’m telling you, you’re missing out. For all my local readers, here’s the deal,  if you frolic the halls at Guildford Town Centre and breath in the freshest mall air that’ll ever grace your nostrils {thanks to their living wall} you MUST know about GTC Shopper Rewards.

Guildford Town Centre
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It literally pays to play {hello! gift cards galore} and sign-up is a cinch. Here is how you do it; sign-up here, collect points in a number of different ways {liking GTC on Facebook or playing along in their Instagram #hashtag photo challenge}, redeem for gift cards. They made it simple, fun and an absolute pleasure to shop on their dime and not ours. Besides, I know you’re sitting in Instagram right now, hash-tagging the crap out of that adorable picture of your daughter with her finger shoved up her nose, in hopes Ellen will make her the next BIG THING. So while you’re pipe-dreams have yet to start flowing, why not earn your way to free shopping. This way, come the day Ellen’s people come banging on your door, at least you’ll have the threads to look the part. Right?!

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…if you are wondering, I’m playing along in their February Photo Challenge on Instagram, trying to earn me some gift cards. It’s literally this easy, I posted a quote I loved, I hash-tagged #gtcquotables {which was yesterdays challenge} and tagged @shopGTC. That my friends took me all of 30 seconds and got me 25 points! Come play! You know you wanna!



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  1. Thank you so much for the love Tairalyn – you are definitely one of our favourite shoppers, and not gonna lie … I’m always scrolling Instagram for pictures of your adorable daughter!

  2. What a neat thing! I live right close to GTC and yet I’ve never been. I’m definitely going to join their reward program and check them out now!

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