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Have you ever heard of 1:Face Watch? You really should, because not only are they keeping you from being late, but also with the purchase of their watches you’re supporting causes worldwide that need your help. Only in this day and age can the purchase of a watch mean food for 16 people in need, or 1 year of education for a child, and even a lifetime supply of fresh water for 1 person. I love what 1:Face Watch is doing and I’m sharing it with you all today.  

…changing the world 1:face at a time

Let me further explain, it took me a while to understand, it almost felt too good to be true. The breakdown below shows that which ever color of watch that rests on your wrist, is that of the cause you are showing your love and support. Buy a white watch and support world hunger; for every white watch purchased, One Day’s Wages will be able to provide treatment for 16 malnourished children with food supplements they desperately need. Amazing right?!

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But it get’s better, 1:Face Watch Canada just launched another watch, another great cause being supported, another beautiful colored watch to work into your ensembles. ORANGE. Supporting the SPCA, the purchase of every orange watch supports the SPCA’s initiative to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm, and wild animals. Each purchase of the 1:Face Orange SPCA watch helps an animal find a loving home and supports animals in need.



Head over to 1:Face Watch Canada’s Indiegogo Campaign now, and in as little as $50 get your SPCA supporting watch today; a watch that will change the world, one cared, cuddled, and loved for pet at a time.


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