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So you know when a friend tells you “you totally need to check out this local furniture designer, she’s crazy talented“, exactly that happened to me back in October. And because I not only trust me friends judgement beyond imaginable, I really did need a new coffee table, I checked the link she sent me immediately…. well immediately after brewing myself a cup of tea of course, we all know I would get lost in dreaming about my new house furnishings. As as we stand today I’m proud to say we own 3 pieces of her work {a coffee table, a blanket ladder, and a family growth ruler}, but still with my heart and eyes set on one more addition to this house down the road.

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Let me introduce you to Victoria, she is the creative genius behind Watch Us Grow. What began as an extra special and personal gift to her sister and nephew, ended up as a real business that takes up all her spare time; her and her father that is.

//My name is Victoria. I have always loved crafting; clay, wood, and yarn.   By day, I am a Learning Support Teacher in Surrey, a wife and a mother to two beautiful and very busy children, Alexandria and Bennett and by night I am an avid builder and creator.  “Watch Us Grow” and the creation of my growth rulers arose out of the need for something unique for my nephew, Felix’s first birthday.  My sister always finds the best gifts for my kiddies and I wanted to make something that her family could use as to track her children’s growth .  Once I began using the saw I bought for my husbands birthday, I was hooked and haven’t looked back.  Since beginning my little business in March of 2014, I have made countless rulers that are hung on the walls of home from Nanaimo to Nova Scotia and as far south as Texas.  My blanket ladders proudly display heirloom quilts and handmade baby blankets in houses all over western Canada.

I began building farmhouse style furniture when I realized how beautiful BC wood can be when it is sanded and stained.  My dad, Fred The Great, has now taken over the building of all our furniture as we have grown so quickly, I couldn’t keep up with the orders.  All of our pieces, except for the giant gorgeous dining tables, are now proudly built in Nanaimo and are brought over to Maple Ridge for me to sand, stain and seal.  Each piece is unique and one of a kind as I try and leave the original marks on each piece of furniture including the BC milled wood stamps, bark and knots.  We welcome new ideas and can custom build pieces in the farmhouse style. 

Amazing right?! I love stories that start with a personal need, and then go ahead and explode in front of their eyes to something unimaginable. When a hobby, turns into a passion, and then into a career, it makes me all giddy inside. Congrats to Victoria for dreaming big, and a bigger congrats to expanding and keeping it in the family.

I featured Watch Us Grow last month in our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for the babes in our lives. Their custom growth rulers are by far one of my most favorite things in our home right now. I have such fond memories as a child being lined up tight against the door jam in our home as my parents rested a book on our heads and marked our height. It ended up being one of those things that everyone just did before leaving our family home; didn’t matter who you were family, friends, even a few K9’s {hey! we don’t discriminate, they’re people too} we all got the measure up. It’s funny because just the other day a girlfriend of mine, Tamara from Discovering Parenthood was just saying that her door jam acts like a guest book at her home. How true, a guest book with a date and height stamp, why not!

These growth rulers are really a strike of genius; Victoria makes each one custom with your family name {like we did} or even one for each child with their name and date of birth. Oh! and did I mention they’re extremely affordable,  under $30 {as are all of her pieces, very affordable, see her price list here}. NO KIDDING! Head over to her Facebook page now and get your orders in, she’s bound to be busier than St. Nick himself this time of year!


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