Find your best friend in a bra


The perfect fitting bra, sometimes comes at a cost, and I don’t mean a hefty price tag; in most cases the beauty of the bra lacks greatness when fit is more important. A perfect fitting bra should also match your personality; last time I looked feeling beautiful from the inside out means going through your under garments, right? And this my friends is why my most favorite bra’s are either leopard print, polka dotted, or hot pink!

When you’ve determined the plan on attack for your day, and “the bra” must go on, do you reach for something that makes you smile? I’d like to think that the perfect bra, fit’s you so perfectly that you barely know it’s on, needs absolutely no adjusting during the day, and one that your best friend could easily pick out as being “omg that’s totally yours“. Do you own the perfect bra?

I took a little shopping spree over the border last week, without even leaving my office chair. I had a chance to choose a few bras from a new online brand called Perfects Australia, carried at Kohl’s online. They are a lingerie brand that carries sassy bras for the curvy woman; with sizes going from 32DD to 50 DDDD {Kohls bra fitting guide}. I can’t wait to for them to arrive, and get locked and  loaded with not only style but support and comfort. THREE CHEERS for the internet, and being able to buy a best friends online for under $40. 

Does your bra make your day better?


Disclosure :: I received compensation for my post, however all opinions and quirky remarks are my own.


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