FIVE THINGS {100 days of dukan}


The five recipes and snacks that have gotten me through 100 days on the dukan diet:

1. a marinade that works on steak, to pork chops and chicken wings, i’m telling you this marinade recipes is a must for anyone on the dukan diet or not. it’s easy to make, only has 5 ingredients that you probably already have on-hand, and it keeps so you can make it in advance  {recipe here}

2. dukan diet boxed vanilla cupcakes; because honestly who has the time to find all the ingredients dukan’ers can have. this box-mix makes it easy, and yummy to have a snack or breakfast on the run. and don’t forget, use the code youcandukan15 to get 15% off $100+ spent on the us or canadian site, or youcandukan5 to get 5% off $50 and under {link to buy in canada here and in the usa here}

3. this sauce is literally to die for. a quick low-down of how i have modified is, i make the sauce as the recipe says but instead of cooking it on the stove top i put it in a casserole dish and place in my wings, or chicken thighs, i let it cook down in the oven at 375 for 40 minutes, take them out and transfer to a pan free of the sauce and put them back in at 425 to let them get crispy. i then take the left over sauce, simmer it on the stove top and let it boil down to a thick sauce and brush the wings after they are out of the oven. seriously, nothing better than this. nothing! {recipe here}

4. dukan cookies, because of course this would make the list. just because you’re on the dukan diet doesn’t mean you have to give up the greatness of cookies. these have saved me many of nights, i tell you now, buy a few boxes of both flavors, chocolate chip and coconut, keep them close for the morning, afternoons, and nights that you need a treat. don’t forget to use the coupon codes when you make a purchase online {link to buy in canada here and in the usa here}

5. if i’m going all out and telling you all that is great, then the cheesecake must be on the list. let’s not ask any questions to how many i’ve consumed in the past 100 days, for it’s not about this, let’s just be happy it can be done. deal? deal! i can tell you that i have made changes over the many of times i made this recipe and the best yet includes this, 8 oz of low fat creamy cheese, mixed with 8 oz low fat cool whip, placed onto of a cooled oat bran crust. easy peasy {recipe here}


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