The five things that have consumed my mind this week:

1. had a bit of a personal pinterest fail moment this week; I noticed that one of my fashion posts has been pinned over 800 times on pinterest and for me that’s huge. i was so shocked and upset that it was one of the last times I put together that style of post. holy fail batman, it’s obviously what the people want and i failed to see that. crap! so to make up for my mistake i got right back to it this week and put together one of my favorite styles of posts i didn’t know anyone cared to see; curvy girl fashion guides. this week it’s all about the spring-time trend, how to wear florals, with curves! pop by and leave me some love.

2. one thing i love doing early in the week is catch up on some of my very favorite you’tubers. kandee johnson is by far one of my favorites; not just because she seems like the sweetest most amazing person alive, but because she is also a mama of 4 and genius make-up artist. if you don’t know of her… whoa! well now you do, you’re welcome! check out her most hilarious extreme haul video; she is seriously beyond adorable. she’s one of my online bff and she doesn’t even know it.

3. a nifty little gadget that actually works wonders. sadly sofia ended up getting sick again this week and my husband ran out to shoppers drug mart as we saw it esculate. it came on quite fast, literally within an hour she went from jumping and playing with family, to not talking and sleeping on the couch with a fever over 102. scary! sammy grabbed these bekool pads that keep your fidgety kids cool for up to 8 hours. sofia wasn’t cool {no pun intended} with us putting it on her head, so when she fell asleep I stuck one to the back of her neck and it worked instantly and brilliantly. i highly recommend them the next fever that hits your home.

4. reminiscing back to the days when we were in whistler for a mini family vacation. whistler is our go-to vacation spot and we will be heading back there again at the end of next month; and I for one cannot wait. we are staying at a new location this time and i just can’t wait to check it out. it’s within the village, private hot tub and a fireplace to play late night games around; how much more could i ask for – i’m in love.

5. after reaching out for serious help on facebook; i got answers. a sweet reader told me about to get help on design direction for my home. i have a pretty good idea of the vibe i want for my home, cabin chic in the city, but trying to execute that isn’t always easy. literally within 5 minutes on houzz, i found exact images i craved and even where to buy pieces i just have to have. love this site; it’s like pinterest but only for home design and i haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

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  1. I have never heard of those bekool pads before, that is brilliant! I just picked up some “boo boo bags” mad locally for my daughter and put them in her Easter basket. Its like an ice pack/warm back for kids too. I am definitely getting a box of those bekool pads though to keep on hand. Such a good idea.

    Now you have me wanting to go back to Whistler. That is our go to place for a mini vacation. Hope you have a wonderful time there.

  2. I love the idea of a “cabin chic in the city” vibe for a home. How fun and awesome! sounds really cool.

  3. I just heard about a couple of weeks ago myself and I am afraid of venturing onto the site and spending hours and hours on there like the early days of Pinterest… Have fun finding inspiration there!

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