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The five stuck on you products that have me obsessing over customizing everything:

1. this childrens place mat that puts all the rest to shame. it’s rubbery texture keep it from slipping and sliding, it’s extra-large size means messes of all sizes are kept on the mat, and its customization options make me less of a nagging mother and more of a genius *simply point at the mat*. {link to buy}

2. this adorable crossbody means everything to her; and me, seeings as my purse is now 2 lbs lighter. taking independence to the next level now that she carries her own juice, snacks, sunglasses, crayons and stuffy. {link to buy}

3. this face. those eyes. that bottle. kills me everytime. a mothers dream to-go water bottle; no leaks, BPA Free and easy to clean. what more could a mother ask for, other than one for herself? {link to buy}

4. a company that everyone and anyone who has or knows of children should know of stuck on you. selling customized kids products from bags to luggage, to labels and stickers, to puzzles and stationary, as well as clothing. stuck on you knows how to make a mamas life easier, that and keeping track of who’s who.

5. a jacket like this deserves to come back to it’s rightful owner, and this is why we label. these labels will come in very handy when she starts school in september, no second guessing who’s cool kid jacket she’s wearing {link to buy}

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