FIVE THINGS: You don’t know about me


Although my life seems as thought it’s played out online and one could easily learn all about me by scrolling through my years of posts, I bet their are still a few things you still won’t learn. Don’t get too excited these are not deep dark secrets I’m sharing, but rather things in my life that happened pre-blogging and have not really had a chance to dig in and share with you. UNTIL TODAY…

The five things about me you don’t know:

1. i started off in the blogging world back in 2009, where i sipped and shared. i shared my tea notes from sipping tea from all around the world. readers came to my site to find out more about a particular brand of tea or even find the next tea they wanted to try themselves. i had no idea what kind of doors this would open for me as a blogger, that and the fact my tea cabinet would be forever stocked. i moved things over to little miss mama when i became pregnant with sofia and knew that i wouldn’t be able to drink as much caffeine; my writing was less of a niche and more of a life story. i love it, although i do often think about incorporating tea tastings on my site. Mmmmmm

2. straight out of high school i took a wedding and event planning course in college and from there opened up my own business at 19 as a wedding planner. i ran this business for 8 years which i eventually ran outside a bridal boutique. once i knew sammy and i were ready to expand our family from two, i stopped taking on more clients. the stress and work load that came along with planning weddings was not one for a pregnant body, this i knew, sad to say goodbye, i knew it was best. an industry i often think about…

3. i am the baby, the youngest of 3. I have an older sister, shanalisa, and brother, dustin. they’re pretty much the best siblings a surprise like me could ask for. and yes, i was a complete surprise to my parents, unlike any other surprise out there. my parents did what they could to ensure they were a family of four, they both underwent surgery like many do. but in 1982 when my mama couldn’t put an answer to her symptoms she took herself to the doctors who humorously gave her a pregnancy test just to rule out the obvious. looks like the doctor on call of my parents surgery was a real joke’ster, that or not very good at his job. but i do feel like i need to give thanks to him in a way.

4. sammy and i met online, and this is the photo that won my heart, apparently. his profile picture for was a doozy, and no doubt does he live up to this one photo alone. i’m so sure that he will approve of me putting this up for the world to see, that and the fact that one day sofia will be reading this and seeing a side of her daddy she never knew existed.

5. surprise! exciting news i knew i had to share in a big way. i posted this image last friday and promised i would indulge to the story behind it this week; and so here we are. starting this weekend my business cards will not only read blogger but also bridal consultant. a very amazing friend of mine purchased the bridal shop that i used to run my wedding planning business out of. she asked me to help, and i couldn’t say not, given what this opportunity would do for me. getting me back into an industry i love, weddings, without the all the stress, only the fun of finding the right dress. so to those out there looking to “say yes to the dress” call up isabelles bridal and book an appointment with me on either friday’s or saturday’s where we can play dress up together. surprise!


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  1. Great post! The decision to leave your bridal consultant business must have been bittersweet, but looks like its come full circle for you and worked out for the best!

    • Tairalyn says:

      Thanks Jessica! Isn’t it funny how that happens. Looking forward to get back at it, playing dress up in real life. THE BEST.


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