FOOD: Crazy-Talk Paleo Potato Skins


STOP! Whatever it is you’re doing, pay close attention. I’m going to leak the best every potato skins recipe, and it just so happens to be Paleo-Friendly. SAY WHAT?!?

You heard that right, I’ve found the best potato skin recipe of all time, and it is FREE of everything; dairy-free, sugar-free, wheat-free, and completely Paleo-friendly. If you follow me on instagram you will have heard the man and I are riding first class on the Paleo-Bandwagon, and the reason behind all this Paleo mumbo-jumbo is we’ve recently been forced into a wheat free, dairy free, sugar free diet after a few health issues that came up for Sam. Because I love him very much, I am supporting him in all he does, I too will follow along with his new found way of living. And, would you believe I am totally enjoying it, how could I not after perfecting a potatoes skin we can have in time for the Superbowl. I’d be crazy to say anything ill towards a lifestyle that allows me potatoes and bacon. That’s crazy talk, and I won”t have none of it.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business and get you this recipe:


Paleo Potato Skins

8 Yams {mini size}
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1/8 cup Almond Milk {unsweetend}
4 Bacon strips {free of nitrates and ideally grass-fed}
3/4 cup Daiya Cheese
Green Onion for toppings
Salt & Pepper to taste

So first things first I washed and Yams {or sweet potatoes, whatever you wanna call ’em}, once washed I put them on a foil covered baking sheet and in the oven at 400 Degrees for 25 minutes. While the potatoes bake up, I cooked my Bacon on the stove, making sure its nice and crispy, drained and pat dry. Once the potatoes are all baked, I pulled them out and let them cool for about 5 minutes, this way they were easier to touch. I cut each potato in half, length wise and scooped out a good portion of the centers, placing them all in a bowl together. I then added the Almond Milk and sprinkled a little Salt and Pepper and whipped it on high with my stand mixer. Let that go for a few minutes, and in the mean time drizzle your skins with Olive Oil, sprinkle with a dash of Salt and put them back in the oven to crispen up {only about 5 minutes}. Take them out, fill them with your whipped filling, sprinkle them with your Bacon, and Daiya Cheese and put them on a low broil for about 2 to 3 minutes. Watch them closely you’d hate to screw-em up at this point, after all your hard work. Out they come, plate them and sprinkle with your Green Onions and serve.

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  1. Krista M says:

    I pretty well have a potato-addiction and potato skins are usually not the healthiest. First time I’ve seen a recipe that embraces some healthier ingredient options yet still maintains some original flavor like the bacon (which is a must!)


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