Genderless…..Say What?

This just leaves me baffled!

I can understand a parent not wanting their children to be judged or put into a stereotype but lets be honest – the one thing in life you start out with is your gender. Give your children direction and let them live. Trust you me, if they were born with male parts, but feel like pink is their color…then by golly if you give them confidence in doing whatever feels right – they will do it. 

This is just taking it to the next level – the next insane level…. and I am very embarrassed to see that this comes from Canada. Good one folks, way to put Canada on the map as being the Igloo Country now containing strange Genderless Civilization. This just makes me upset! 

Being a first time Mama myself, I could never imagine stealing my child gender away from them. Letting them choose what they feel at any given point in their lives. You must provide a child direction, no? As a Mother or a Father be you should guiding your child through life, giving them morals, respect, confidence and imagination – everything else falls into place. I just find this mind boggling. What type of therapy are these children going to need once they hit elementary school and they don’t feel as though they fit-in? You can’t tell me that letting your child grow up genderless isn’t going to effect them when they mingle in society. That’s just impossible. Whether you like stereotypes of not, society works around your gender. If you are female, you pee in this washroom labelled with a Dress, and if you are male you do you business behind the door marked in Pants… their is a reason for this judgement, its called PRIVACY and LIFE! 

I can understand parents who want the best for their child allowing them to be who they want, live their dreams and do without being tormented. We all want that for our children, but starting them off with good ground morals will do just that… If they come to you one day and say they think they should have been born the opposite sex, then by all means take the steps in doing just that. I have watched many documentaries on this, have a great deal of respect for those who stand up and make a change in their lives if they feel the need. But goodness me… give the child some direction!

This could be a sensitive topic for some – but this is my blog, my opinion and I’m allowed to do what I want in sharing it – read or not – the choice is yours… WHY, because society allows us to be our own person, believe what we want, and break stereotypes if we so desire. Thats why life is so wonderful and rewarding!

Anyone have thoughts on this topic?



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  1. It is pretty bizarre. I don’t understand what they are doing. And why one child and not the other. Just so peculiar.
    I was just at Ritzy Design and saw you won the May custom design give away and came to say congrats.

  2. Hey Tairlyn! Officially a fan of your blog;)

    Omg I was thinking the same thing when I saw that news broadcast! lol I mean I understand freedom of identity and everything…but the insanity of this theory is.. well I mean thats just what it is!…A theory…and unfortunately their child is the guinea pig for this hypothetical experiment:( ::sigh::

  3. I am so glad you stopped by my blog.
    I love yours too!!!
    :)new follower…of course!!

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