Getting ready for a BIG DAY…

Outfit chosen…
Nails painted…
Questions ready…
Nerves set to on…

I’m really blessed to be given this opportunity tonight to not only meet, but interview Janette Ewen. I have been counting down the days now for a long 2 weeks, but today that changed. I am now counting down the hours, with only 6.5 hours to go. My crew {Shanalisa and Erika} are beyond supportive and we’ve been texting back and forth all morning with pure excitement and giggles.  It’s a big day for us all. Shanalisa, my biggest support, and Erika, my camera women – I honestly don’t think I could do it without either of them. 

So… I say, stay tuned. Not only for the first Celebrity Interview to hit Little Miss Mama, but my first vlog. Time to see me with movement… and a voice… HOW EXCITING! I promise, it won’t be a David Beckham shock, my voice suites me just peachy!


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  1. Cute post! 🙂

    Linda from

  2. love the ankle boots!

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