Growing Lemons Indoors

So I saw this “pin” that caught my attention…. what’s new right? I’m pinterest obsessed, go ahead, encourage my obsession, follow me here, let’s be honest I could have picked something far worst. Now back to my story…. someone had taken the seeds from their lemons and planted them in a sweet little mug, to let grow and grow and grow all while perfuming their home. This I liked, it wasn’t a daunting gardening task, and almost seemed impossible for me to kill {my thumb is more coral than green I’d day}. So for the past 6 weeks I’ve been babying all while capturing images of my little lemon babies, and today I share with you where we sit. 

A great little project for you and your babes, learning about gardening, where food comes from, and of course the responsibility of taking care of a plant. Have fun with it, just think of all the other fruits out there with seeds. Skies the limit lovelies… skies the limit! Have you grown something from seed… other than you babies of course 😉

I used 3 lemons, cutting them all open and gathering the seeds. Soak them in water for 48 hours to soften outer shell. 

Remove the beige/brown shell to reveal a soft ivory/yellow seed. 
Place them between a moist paper towel, ensuring they stay damp, this will encourage budding.

Zip closed in a bag and hang in a window near sun, take it down from the window before you sleep, as you don’t want to freeze them. 

After a week or two, they should begin to bud, once they have begin to sprout, transfer them to your “pot-of-choice”.

I planted ours only about 1/2 deep, in a circle similar to how I saw it on Pinterest. 

Water about once a week, as you see need, and let them grow grow grow!


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