Hello 2013…I love you already!

…another year has gone, and a fresh start is available to us all. Our dreams, aspirations, and pinterest boards will come to life, starting today. Isn’t this exciting? I absolutely love a new year, I’m one of those suckers who waits for January 1st to start new things, make life really count. This is why today I am writing at my new Office Desk, with my personally designed, weekly blogging check-list and calendar, and making notes with my brand new pen. Pretty silly right?

Anyways you see it, January 1st gives us all a clean slat, a blank canvas, a fresh start… so I say take it all in, make some of your wildest dreams come true, mark things off that dusty bucket list, and make 2013 the year that your life got interesting. 

I’ve got many dreams this year for myself and my family. As Sofia is not able to explain her mind yet, as of now, I’m the only real dreamer in my house, so I make up for everyone. This year I will make big things happen, starting with my imagination… 

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What will you be dreaming for this year? 


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  1. Well said lady, well said!!

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