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Room: Main Bathroom (upstairs)
Vibe: Cabin in the City

It’s the main bathroom of our 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom home. Along with the kitchen, it was one of the first things that we tackled as far as renovations go. The original brass fixtures were horrible but I’m certain it’s the butter yellow sink, tub, toilet trio that did us in. Gutted the entire room, right down to the studs, and although we gave consideration to blowing out the back wall and combining the half bath, we just couldn’t do it. The reluctance we felt on losing the privacy of an ensuite was just too much and we opt’d for a great (vs. grand) main bathroom.

The room took flight when we found our vanity on craigslist. Brand new and still in the box, a young couple who too were renovating there home forgot to follow the golden rule of remodeling, measure before you buy. The vanity was far too big for their space and with a no returns policy in place, had to sell it online to recoup any money from their mistake. We totally lucked out on this one, and if I remember we got the vanity and sink for under $300.

Now, let’s talk about Moe, as he may just be my favorite accessory in the space. Nabbed Mozart at an estate sale (with his head) for what I thought would be a discussion starter for our living room mantle, but after growing a need for a door stopper, was a quick fix; 4 years later there he stands. The story in the house goes, Moe, like many good men couldn’t resist a naked woman when she presented herself. He was asked to turn his back while I was in the shower and Moe pretended like he had cement in his ears and stared anyways. Now, he’s headless Moe.



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