I bleed fashion…

Other than my family of course, I don’t think their is anything else in this world that I love more than Fashion. From Clothing to Accessories, the art of Dress-Up to Runway Masterpieces. It stops me right in my path, analyzing and appreciating everything about it. Textures, Colors, Combinations and Trends, I just can’t seem to get enough. 

What I love most is everyone’s take on their own Style. I gather inspiration from everything around me – modifying what works for my body type. Edgey with a touch of Elegance and Vintage Class – this is what I see as my Style as. I love mixing Worn Jeans with Diamonds and Pearls, or Converse with a Vintage Fendi Clutch. 

I believe their are 2 ways one can get caught up {or irritated and flustered} when it comes to Fashion and the art of getting dressed. One, is not modifying a trend to suit your body type. A sure way to give-up on seasonal styles and stick with your comfort zone of Jeans and a Tee. And two, worrying what other think of your take on a Fashion. If someone doesn’t like your choice of attire or combination of, its because they are afraid of living outside the box themselves. Chances are they are the ones wearing the Jeans and Tee still.  

I used to do weekly fashion posts on my old Blog, and have really been missing it. I stopped only because I found the day to day life during my pregnancy to be more daunting than I had expected. The thought of taking pictures of myself was last on my mind as growing a happy and healthy baby took over. Now that Miss Sofia Marie is here and life is somewhat back to its regular self, I can play Dress-Up again! 

If your interested in seeing what I posted in the past here are some Fashion Fridays from LahTeaDah {here, here, here and here}. Before I used to do it with a friend of mine after we left our 9 to 5, found a unique spot and snapped shots like we were runway ready. However now being at home, I will have to enlist the husband and promise, with good shots the trade will be Breakfast in bed or even a candle lit Dinner for 2 {or 3 if Sofia decides sleeping just isn’t in the books}. I am excited to get back into mixing and twisting my new Yummy Mummy Style. It should be interesting considering I just purged and donated 3 bags of clothing a few weeks ago. Either which way I am creative – I can make it happen. 

Get ready for the newest addition to Little Miss Mama, What I Wore weekly posts. 


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