Instagram Photo Challenge

You know the steamy book, 50 shades of grey?! Yeah this has nothing to do with that. Sorry. But what it does have, is a promise of 50 days of fun, ending with an explosive giveaway. Almost as fun, just minus the foreplay. 

In collaboration with Prinstagram, myself, along with OhSo Lindsay, are hosting a photo challenge for all you instragram’mers out there, starting July 1st. Summertime fun, summertime love, summertime shenanigans, anything and everything that screams summer, we wanna see it. All you need to do is hashtag #50shadesofsummer on one of your most memorable shots of the day for 50 days straight.  

From July 1st to August 19th {50 straight days}, we are asking you to take one pic a day, of anything summer, be creative, get crafty, push the envelope {just don’t open it}, posting it to your instagram account for all to see. After the 50 days have passed, on August 20th, a giveaway will go live on our sites for all who participated to enter. Running for 1 week, on August 28th, 3 winners will be chosen to win a set of 2 Minibooks via Printsagram, one which will be your #50shadesofsummer photos, and the other a book a collection of your absolute favorite images of your choosing. Fancy ‘eh?!

Here is what you need to do to get started:
1. Follow @LovelyLittleMoi, @OhSoLindsay, @SocialPS to stay in the loop
2. July 1st – August 19th hashtag #50shadesofsummer, on 1 summer-infused picture each day.
3. August 20th visit us at LittleMissMama or OhSo Lindsay to enter in the giveaway
*note we will be informing everyone of the giveaway once it’s live via instagram, facebook and twitter; so no need to stress over missing out. As long as you are following us one way or another, you’ll be informed. 


Get your lenses cleaned, and your finger rested, because its about to get HOT & SWEATY IN HERE lovelies. 50 days of picture taking will not be easy, but I promise it will be worth it. Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with…. starting Monday! 


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