It’s November, now what?

Hey November,

Goodbye October, Hello November!

I’m having a hard time believing that we’re nearing the end of the year, like 2015 is soon to be a thing of the past. For real, were we not just writing our goals for the year and making promises that we knew we would break within 72 hours? It sure feels that way over here, someone, quick, hold me!

I think it’s fair to say this year has gone by way too fast, slow down calendar gods, remember that time that 4 days took an eternity, you know like that time when I was 40 weeks pregnant. Yeah, make time go that slow again, okay?

Sometimes I like to pretend I have it together, now is one of those times. It’s November 2nd and that means ample time to make people think we got this under control. We can swing this whole Elf on the Shelf thing with grace, custom advent calendars for the kids? no problem, and with all the extra time why not get an updated family Christmas photo taken. Make them really believe you’ve been rocking 2015 like a boss. You’re welcome!




//what to do with it, that is the question. Halloween is over and we’re all left with a bounty of mini Chocolate Bars, Tootsie Rolls, and Swedish Berries. We know there is one obvious thing we can do with all this sugary loot, but that’s just wrong, or at least that’s what Sammy tells me. I found this awesome Halloween Candy Bark recipe on Just A Taste that I thought you needed to see, that and here is a direct link to a cornucopia of other things we can do with leftover Halloween candy.




//elf on the shelf, mortimer the mouse, or whoever visits your house for the holidays. Now’s the time to start wrapping your mind around what to do with your house guest once they arrive next month. Print off a empty calendar for December and fill in the blanks, for me this is the best way to stay organized and un-frazzled each night as I setup the scene for the next morning. Mortimer the Mouse started visiting our home last year and will be every year thereafter until we stop believing *shutters*.


1027-Cimaglia-Ciulla2014-LMPCHRISTMAS CARDS

//it seems early I know, but if you’re planning to take a family photo and then have one designed, now is the time. Last year we had our Christmas Card photo’s taken by local photographer, Lindsay Mitchell Photographer, who did an amazing job making things magical. If you’re doing the photos yourself this year here is a ton of great Christmas Card Picture Ideas, and as for printing, we use the best of the best, Minted, who have the raddest card designs and layouts. That is incase you’re wondering.




//so it doesn’t hit you hard, start buying a little each day. If you’re like me and have custom advent calendars for your kids, I find if you buy a little here and there, it won’t hurt as much when you look at your bank statement; in theory. Yes you’re spending just as much but this way it won’t be all in one day but spread among the month. That and you find the best little knick-knacks in the most random places around town, just always have the idea in your head when you’re running errands this month. Sammy, if you’re listening, now is a good time to get my advent calendar, just sayin’.


DO YOU have any recommendations on how to make the most of our November in making the best of your December? Have I confused you yet? 


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