Its on SALE… need I say more?

These days you’d be foolish to buy something full price. With all the amazing sites that allow you to get daily deals and steals on product from Clothing to Shoes to Baby Product to Restaurant and even Vacations… its just mind boggling that people would actually pay full price these days for anything. I mean common I don’t even pay full price for Milk!

I know you all know, or have at least heard of all these sites and companies that offer these fab deals, but it isn’t until now that I post about it. Why? Well…. I’ve made 2 purchases in the past 48 hours saving me over $50 which I think is worth a whole heck of a lot. Saving that $50 is allowing me to now go out and buy one of these…. See how rewarding saving can be!

{The above sold at ModCloth here, here and here}

I think it was time I share what I know, before I make an “ass out of you and me”, assuming you know all of this already.. hey you never know, some people do live under a rocks. I did for a while! Less Credit Card Bill this way.

Fashion Deals & Steals
Totsy  No shipping to Canada
ZulilyNo shipping to Canada

Daily Products & Service Steals
TeamBuy – Canadians Only
Social Shopper

I’m sure their are many more that I don’t know about – however these 8 sites alone keep me buying deals weekly and I don’t know if my husband would approve of much more “saving” in our house-hold. HOWEVER I would love for you to share any that I missed in the comments below. I wouldn’t want to be missing out on anything, and by that I mean you guys… yeah – right! I swear Sammy, I meant them and not me!


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