Kicking off the New Year… with ZERO sleep!


Guess what’s totally a real thing? 4 month sleep regression! 
Guess what isn’t funny and A LIVING HELL? You guessed it Christmas Fruitcake and 4 month sleep regression!

So funny story, the last 4 nights I’ve slept zero consecutive hours. That’s right, you heard me, I have yet to get in a solid hour of sleep this entire year… 4 month sleep regression, it’s a cruel thing.

I mean it’s not like I saw it coming and had mentally prepared, NOPE! I just found out about this hogwash yesterday. Literally yesterday morning during an online thumb-stomping pity party when I mentioned how Stella was partying her nights away with me as her unwilling chaperone some kind, beautiful, educated soul comments “4 month sleep regression?”. Just like that she says it people, like common knowledge…

“my shoes are tight”
“did your feet grow?”


JUST LIKE THAT! Of course it’s 4 month sleep regression, because every mother knows and prepares for this like they would an earthquake, stocking cupboards with necessities like caffeine, chips and chocolate (Oh yah, and water). Am I the only mother in town that didn’t know about this? Thank you Jenny, thank you for not only telling me about 4 month sleep regression but sharing a link that not only describes exactly what were going through, but remedies on ensuring the relapse is a short one. 


If you read one thing today, let it be this post by Wee Bee Dreaming. Man Woman, Pregnant or not, just read it, educate yourself and help another mama out when the time comes, just as Jenny has done for me! 

Here’s to MORE SLEEP in 2017!



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  1. Great post! The 4 month sleep regression is REAL and it is HARD. Sleep deprivation is hard on everyone. Hopefully you can get through this in a short amount of time and get quality sleep again soon!

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