Kids Summer Bucket List {VLOG}

HAVE YOU DONE IT? Have you sat down with your littles and created a Summer Bucket List? Not only was it fun and gave me an excuse to print out these adorable FREE Printables, but it narrowed down the crazy amount of things Sofia said she wanted to do over her Summer Break. The first 10 things she belted out I knew were MOST IMPORTANT to her, like her first sleepover and a visit to the Seattle Zoo. The rest were just filler and if we got to them great, if not, no little people would lose sleep over it.   

We tackled one of her requests last week which was HIGH TEA FOR DINNER (clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far), and naturally I recorded the entire day, from making mini sandwiches, fresh raspberry scones and chocolate dipped strawberries, to heading out and picking up mini cupcakes. Oh…. SPOILER ALTER; you get to see Stella try her very first cupcake and Sammy dance a jig for all to see, and judge! I doubt you’ll wanna miss this…

Check it out here>> Kids Summer Bucket List // High Tea For Dinner


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