Leather, Lace & a Tee

FOREVER 21 tee
FOREVER21 jacket
BUCCO boots
H&M purse
SUZY SHIER bangles
H&M bracelets

Jeans and a Tee seems to be a worldwide staple as far casual ensembles go. This is why I feel a Skirt and a Tee pairs so perfectly, stepping this basic go-to-outfit up a notch. I’m a sucker for mixing styles, it’s just what I do. Let it be my favorite worn-out Jeans, Cardigan, paired with a stand of pearls, or Leather Skirt combined with a lace button-up. Whatever the combination, I like to take risks and mix pieces you wouldn’t necessarily find on a window manikin. This is how I get ready each morning, talk about living on the edge right?!


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