LIFE: Hey! 2016, You’re good people!

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I’m really loving how 2016 has presented itself. Very mellow, non-threatening, easy in a good vibes only sorta’ way. I made no wild resolutions, nothing that will have a choke hold on my daily running thoughts, I’ve expected nothing from the likes of the changing year, just simply to enjoy each day.

January 1st: Spent the first morning drawing a bath for myself, soaking away with some fancy pants bath salts that Sammy spoiled me with in my stocking over the Christmas Holidays. Good right? Wait it gets better; Sofia was more than content playing trains and simultaneously watching Netflix while Sammy vacuumed and cleaned bathrooms. Is this even real life?!

January 2nd: Sammy let me sleep in until nearly 10am! People, it can be done, a mother who has not slept much past 7am for over 4 years can still (if she is given the chance) sleep in. You’d better believe that day went as smooth as butter, everyone won!

January 3rd: I passed the sleep-in baton to Sammy and woke with Sofia just after 7am, we snuggled on the couch and watched Curious George until 9:30am (no judgement), we made breakfast and then got ready enough to take on a brisk walk in the woods by our house. We walked, we talked, we investigated (with our magnify glass of course), we laughed and loved every moment!

Hey! 2016, you’re good people, stick around, I’m beginning to really like you!


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