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2016-01-06 21

It was about 8:35pm when I had just walked from Sofia’s bedroom after laying with her before falling fast asleep for the night. Her and Olly were snuggled up together embarking on some wildly delightful dreams (this I know, we had just read a Dr. Seuss book, it’s pretty much a given this was where she was headed). I sat down after making myself a cup of tea and was began filtering through important e-mails I needed to reply. That’s when it happened…

The door bell rang 3 times, very quickly, followed by not a knock but something I would a pounding on my door. My heart skipped 5 or 6 beats and my stomach sank. My first thought was, <wait? what time is it, maybe it’s just a late delivery?> looking out the front window I see now vehicles. Then I really panic. Again 3 door bell rings and another beating at the door. I grab the phone and call my husband, because a) he’s not home b) he always makes me feel calm and c) does anyone even think to call the police when you really should?

While the phone is ringing to someone who obviously is not going to provide me help in this very moment, he will calm me down and tell me the best case of action. I watch the front door without moving a muscle and while the stranger goes for another set of bells rings and door knocks I see their arm swing by the side window. HOLY SHIT what is going on, why is this happening, Sammy pick up the phone? Sammy answers the phone and I whisper to him that someone is at the front door ringing and knocking and I’m terrified.


I pick up the house phone while he stays on my cell phone, I call non-emergency because an unexpected knock at my door, is that really an emergency? Is that really a reason to tie up 911 phone lines? They answer and I tell them what’s going on, they have me look outside the window to see if I can see anyone and yes, I do. I tell them what he looks like to the best of my ability considering it’s night, and it’s foggy (hello! perfect horror movie setting). He takes off down the street in absolutely no rush, he’s wearing a backpack and walking with a limp; I don’t fall for it buddy, not even for a moment, the door is not coming open to help you with any apparent war wounds. 

At this point Sammy called one of our neighbor to tell them about what was going on and that I was home with Sofia alone. He came right over with his flashlight and checked in our garage, around the side of our home and made sure whoever did come was gone. He waved as he walked passed our front lawn and then parked himself outside his house, in the cold and just watched. Seriously you guys, we’ve got the best people that live around us! #forevergrateful

The dispatch on the other line tell me they have someone near who will come patrol the area, and with that we disconnect. At this point my heart is racing a mile a minute, I’m flabbergasted that Sofia stayed asleep throughout the whole thing and I’m back on the line with Sammy. He’s angry that I called non-emergency and duelly as frustrated that he’s not home. I sat in the dark staring out my front window which seemed like forever, waiting for the police to show up. 10 minutes passed, I called again to see if someone was on their way, they assured me they were, 20 minutes passed, 25 minutes passed, I could start to see the headlights of a car coming down the street but they pull off to the side, it almost seems like they had driven up onto my neighbors lawn, but the fog was thick I’m certain it was just playing tricks on my eyes. 33 minutes later the cops arrive, I see them coming around the corner and instantly feel relief, I feel safe again. vehicle lights started to come in the other direction as well, from the car with the horrible park job, they begin to drive away, in an oncoming direction the cop. The cop pulls to the side to let him pass and he continues on his way slowly while he patrols the area. He stops in front of our house and starts walking to the door. I head downstairs, turn off our alarm, remove the doors deadbolt and open it for him before he has to ring. We talk about my side of the story, what happened, what I saw and he assures me he will be patrolling the area for the next little while and not to worry.

Just then my neighbor comes out of his house,  and says he’s just been broken into, they’ve cleared everything out of his shed in the back and they did it by pulling up right on his lawn and loading everything in. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I literally just watched this all happen, of course not knowing thanks to the fog, but I was staring out my window the entire time. But wait! the icing on the cake here people, the cop graciously pulled to the side of the road to let the thieves by before we knew what was all going on. HOLY HANNAH!

My only thought at that very moment <we need more security, we need surveillance!> This is where it stands today a top priority in our family, finding the best surveillance camera for the outside of our home to accompany what security we already have, a monitored home alarm system and a pretty badass cat!

DottedLine>> Fast Forward to yesterday, Sofia and I found ourselves at Best Buy soaking up all the knowledge that Jamie, a Best Buy employee had to offer us. I literally stood in awe of all that he told me, narrowing it down to two favorite units (not to say this will be the end of researching). The first I liked was called Ring, a unit that structures itself to the side of your door and acts as a door bell. Starts recording when movement is sensed, sends text message to your phone where you can view and even talk to the person that finds themselves at your front door. The second is called Arlo, and while you cannot strike up a conversation with your front door visitors, these units are actual wireless cameras that can do the same as the Ring claims by messaging you but also can be used indoors (for example a baby monitor) or moved around your home with ease. 

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Now we just need to figure out which is best for our family. If any of you have any recommendations we would love to hear them, as right now we’re feeling at the mercy of Jamie at Best Buy (not that it’s a bad thing, he was crazy knowledgeable). I will however promise to keep you posted on what we find, what we end up with and of course how our family loves it (or not) once we have it all in place.  



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  1. Terrifying! I know that feeling. My husband was out of town for work for 2 months over the summer. I had the hardest time going to bed each night. One night I was up watching a movie, long after the kids went to sleep, when my dog started going crazy. I turned out the lights and looked out the window. There were 3 men, standing in the shadows, looking at an iphone together. They proceeded to point at my house, and the house of a neighbor who is divorced and lives with her two kids. They continued to talk and look at the phone as they pointed at both of our houses. Then they started walking and disappeared into a the back yard of a neighbor. I freaked out. I immediately texted my husband in California and my friend/neighbor. It was 1am. Moments after I sent the text to my friend, I got a message back from her husband saying that my friend had fallen asleep on the couch but that he was waking her and he would be over in a minute. He told me to call the police. My friend woke up and quickly notified our block watch and 10 people came and walked around our townhouse complex.

    The police came and patrolled, but didn’t see anyone. It was great though to have our whole neighborhood on high alert in minutes. It made me confident that if those guys were still around they would know we’re a proactive community.

    • Wow that’s scary, lucky your dog sensed something was going on!
      Glad nothing came of this, and that your neighborhood was on it, and the police. Nothing feels better than seeing your neighbors come together for you at a time in need.


  2. I’m so relieved you’re all ok. These things will stay with you. Had an intruder break down my door while I was home once, and I’m still scared of the dark. Thank goodness Sofia slept through it!
    Looking forward to hearing what security option you go with.

    • What? Broke down the door? Jee, I doubt I could come back from that! You’re very strong!
      I’m the girl who refused horror movies, in fact only watch Rom-Com’s (my poor husband)!

      Glad you’re safe and sound after that one!


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