#LMMSELFLOVE: Finding your Unicorn Bra


Can I tell you something? Can you believe I’ve never owned a properly fitted bra?

For the past…. Hmmmm for number sake let’s say 20 years, I’ve gone about life, wearing a bra I assumed was my size, and just like the rest of you, upon calling it a day it was the first thing I flung off; because OH GAWD was it uncomfortable. 

Over the last few months I’ve been tackling a PRETTY SENSITIVE but rather important subject; self love. Trying to get down to the bottom of why I find it so damn difficult to love myself as is. Breaking down and pushing aside the stereotypes of what society has made us all believe makes up a beautiful woman. I’m 34, and although I know better than to believe what a magazine tells me, or what I hear on TV, it’s the years of not knowing better that has me struggling. YOU GUYS It’s like my eyes have aged and learnt what real beauty is, but my mind is still stuck at 18, trying to be societies perfect 10. 

DID YOU KNOW only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. 

Since when has ONE-SIZE FITS ALL ever actually fit all? Who even came up with this size standard anyways?! Really you guys, what it boils down to is I am finally at the point in life that I am SICK AND TIRED of feeling so rejected because of my size, when really I should feel proud and celebrating what it has done for me up to this point and what dreams I have ahead that it will get me to.

So here is where we are, stripping it down and FINDING OUR UNICORN BRA.
Wait? WHAT! How did we get to that?

Everyone knows that feeling good about what’s on the outside starts from within, right? How can one feel good from within when… they’re wearing the most uncomfortable bra ever? NO REALLY! HOW CAN THEY? This is why I am starting this self love series with finding the perfect bra… with your help of course! A few months back I reached out on Facebook asking if a) you owned the perfect bra and b) if you would share where you bought it from. With a huge outpouring of help (because you guys are my tribe) I discovered that not only was the perfect bra out there but it was just a short drive away. With a visit to Forever Yours Lingerie partnered with one of their bra fittings I would be well on my way to NEVER wanting to take my bra off again. 

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After being fitted by the sweetest of ladies, who had 20 years of bra knowledge under her belt, I literally got to sit back. They brought me a bottled water (clearly they knew what was instore for me for the next 2 hours) and then came in the bras… ALL THE BRAS. I tried on many styles, many brands and oh the colors you guys! I fell in love with far too many, a problem I thought never existed, and ended up walking out with 5 absolute life changing bras. 

Something I HAD to point out to you that just blew my mind, Sonja the gracious and delightful store owner showed me around the store including their back room, offices, and photography studio. RIGHT?! This place goes on and on and on for days and for all the right reasons. Let me explain, she has a space dedicated souley for donated Bras for a cause she has started called Supportive Start. Collecting new and gently used bras, she holds fit clinics for woman in-need. A group of their female volunteers will visit a facility with bras and panties in a wide range of sizes. Each resident then receives a personalized bra fitting and leaves with a couple of proper fitting bras, brand new panties and a goodie bag containing toiletries. THIS is amazing, and so is Sonja!

So should you have any gently used bras around, I encourage you to head down to the store and be apart of helping woman in-need and at-risk in our community. 

Forever Yours Lingerie was founded in April 1996, by owner Sonya Perkins…

After experiencing her own heart-breaking search for support wear and lingerie for her wedding, Sonya hoped to change that experience for countless others, choosing to provide the modern woman with the best choices in bras, lingerie, sleepwear and more. From her small start-up store, to the 6000 sq/ft store that it is today, Sonya is still dedicated to making Forever Yours Lingerie the first and best choice for women in the Lower Mainland to find pieces that will make them feel gorgeous, from the outside in! (sizes from small – 4X

I had such an amazing experience at Forever Yours Lingerie, Sonya and the ladies at the shop were so relaxed, so informative, and oh the fun. For once in my life I had a bra (or five) that not only feel good on, but upon looking in the mirror, make me feel beautiful. I’m feeling like a real adult now, a GROWN ASS WOMAN all fancy with her BEAUTIFUL bras. 

Feeling like I’m making progress here, I’m doing me, treating me, feeling good about me…

Who’s with me? I think we could all use some #LMMSELFLOVE



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Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Forever Yours Lingerie, however all opinions are my own, based on my experience.


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  1. This just reminded me I was still wearing a bra at home. Off it went! I’ll try to remember to check it out if I ever venture over that side sometime soon. I need a perfect bra.

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