{mini} FASHION: Cats & Paperboy Hats

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{Joe Fresh Sweater //  Joe Fresh Pants  //  Joe Fresh Jacket  //  Joe Fresh Boots  //  Joe Fresh Hat}

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL! My little turns 4 today and let me tell you it hit me like a ton of bricks. Hello emotional roller coaster! Today’s tears will be buried with cake and chocolate, anyone else care to join in? Who else feels this dose of bitter-sweet emotions on their babies birthdays?

OKAY! Now back to the fashion and how adorable this kid is?

We sorta’ love Joe Fresh, can you tell? The clothing is so on point, trend wise, and it’s crazy affordable. Oh yeah and did I mention they are located inside The Great Canadian Superstore? Yeah, right! So it’s totally one of those things that we do when we grocery shop. Cruisin’ through the new collections at Joe Fresh when all that’s on the to-buy list is to be kept in the refrigerator. Sofia and I are famous for getting off track at the grocery store, and since I’ve heard no real complaints from either parties, the tradition lives on.


TELL ME do you find your children’s wardrobes plays favorites to a particular brand? It’s funny how that happens in either ours or your children’s closets, it definitely happens in hers!


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