{MINI} FASHION: It’s all Black & White

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{Joe Fresh Shirt  //  H&M Pants  //  Jacket c/o Memoiyo  //  Joe Fresh Boots  //  Miss Giggle Buns Headband}


It was one of those morning, we rushed out the door assuming it would be ridiculously hot outside like it had been 2 weeks running, and we step foot out the door and realize we actually may need our jackets. Not only might we need to cover up but those sandles were wearing are probably not appropriate if that nasty rain cloud comes through on her threats. Back in the door to dress according to the weather, grabbed a jacket and switch out our toe bearing shoes for…..

BOOTS MAMA! I wanna wear my new boots nonno got me!

So I run downstairs to our storage closet, you know, where we store our Canadian weather parkas, rain boots, snow boots, mittens and scarves, and I grab these little beauties that she’s been dying to strut her stuff in. The outfit ended up so stinkin’ cute, we paused just for a moment to take a few shots. Made us a wee-bit late for our class, but seriously with this kind of style, I’d like to say we were “fashionably late” (ha! see what I did there, it was bad wasn’t it?!).


TELL ME what is your most favorite affordable children’s retailer? We dished out our favorites the other day but I can’t help but wonder, am I missing out on your favorite finds?



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