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{Joe Fresh Jeans // Shirt c/o Melijoe // Old Navy Vest // Target Shoes // Miss Giggle Buns Headband }

When Sofia gets new clothes she must wear it yesterday. It’s quite serious actually, I have to be sure that I wash any new clothing before she even sets eyes on them, as once she catches wind of the new residence moving into her closet she is all about how fast she can get into them. Could this actually be a gene that I have passed along to her? Like eager-fashion-beaver or something? I dunno what it is, but no doubt we both have it in our blood.

…mama, these clothes make me smile when I put them one, and that’s just what matters.

Okay, since when does my 3 year old daughter give style advice that makes me stop and think? Seriously? Have your children given you any advice that actually made sense, and rung true? When you put clothing on and they give you instant happiness from the inside out, damn right it’s all that matters. Skip the full length mirror, a reflection ain’t gonna show your insides, go with your gut. If you feel good, WEAR IT! These are orders coming from a rather adorable and brilliant 3 year old, I suggest you just do it.


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  1. kathy downey says:

    Amazing shots and she is beautiful

    • Tairalyn says:

      Thank you Kathy, she’s a little ham no doubt. The camera loves her, as does the photographer 🙂

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