Mommy & Me Photoshoot + Giveaway

Captured memories like these don’t happen often enough. Our day to day lives become far too busy to even think about taking time for ourselves and this is when everyone loses. You forget about the things that really matter in life, you forget about the moments that actually mean something at the end of the day and you actually move farther away from where you want to be

I’m guilty of this myself  in the worst sort of way.

If you do one thing for yourself this Mother’s Day, let it be capturing priceless memories you’ll look back on for years to come. Moments like these happen everyday, from giggles over a bathtime tea party, to morning dance parties in our jammies; it’s these memories and moments that count. Step back from your day to day, put aside the “to do” list and do this for your future. Hiring Rachel Yoon promises that your moments will be captured in the most honest and beautiful way; the way you want to remember it.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to sit down, literally, with Rachel and have some of our very own special moment captured. A day was made of it, because why not; we dolled ourselves up as we both love to do, painted our nails the same peachy hue, Sofia chose her favorite mint dress via Over the Loom and I gladly matched with a complementary outfit. Off we went to meet with Rachel, with only one thing on the agenda, to have fun.

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We played, we giggled, we chatted about all things Sofia loved. From her new stuffy, baby puppy, to an exciting train ride she wanted to take with her whole family. Rachel made it easy to sit in front of the lense and still act natural, as for me it’s not necessarily difficult, but to a toddler it’s a little out of the norm. Rachel won her heart over simply; she allowed her to jump on her couch. Hook, line and sinker — how’d she know this was one of her favorite pass-times? She’s that good I guess…

M&MPhotoshoot1 mom_and_me_10 mom_and_me_1 M&MPhotoshoot2 mom_and_me_6

…and now it’s time for a Giveaway

Would you like a chance at winning a Mini Mommy & Me Photoshoot like Sofia and I had the pleasure in doing? Rachel is giving one of my readers a chance to win this package for yourself, or if you’d rather not leave this up to fate you can purchase this package for yourself at a special rate of $129 until May 31st {mention you’re booking your shoot after seeing our giveaway and you’ll get an additional digital image in your package}. If you should so win, your payment will be graciously refunded by Rachel. Either way you’ll have these forever memories for your walls for YEARS to come…


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  1. You two look beautiful. Such great little moments captured forever. I so want to do this with my daughter.

  2. The last time I had professional pictures was when my son was about 6 months old. I would love to win this giveaway.


  3. We had family photos taken when S was 6 months old but I am always so busy taking photos of her and everyone else I hardly have any of just the 2 of us. The best mother’s day gift for me this year would be a mommy and me shoot!

  4. Oh my gosh, you guys look so amazing!! Love it! Since our second was born, we do family portraits once a year. This year would be our third year and I would love something like this 🙂

  5. Amazing. Amazing photos, I’d love to have this for Aurora and myself .

  6. We had photos taken last year. But they grow up so fast.

  7. Long time ago as im the one behind the camera taking pictures and would love to have nice photos of my son and I

  8. We never had had professional photo’s done.

  9. You two are just so adorable!! Love your mommy, daughter connection and your outfits! xoxo

  10. Beautiful photos!

  11. Adorable photos 🙂

  12. April Levine says:

    I would love some pictures with my son! I am always behind the lens and I don’t get any styled pictures with me in them with him

  13. Such stunning photos! It’s been over a year since we’ve done professional family photos, and with a new baby on the way, the timing would be perfect for a mommy and (us) session with my kids!

  14. WAY … TOO… LONG… AGO! 🙂

  15. Koryn Heisler says:

    We had photos taken back in the fall. I love having these precious moments captured!

  16. April Janzen says:

    Usually behind the camera would love pics of myself with my two girls:)

  17. I was lucky enough to have professional photos taken a year ago but I’d love to do it again. My little bub has changed so much in the last year 🙂

  18. The last time I had pictures taken w/ my kids was when my second one was 1 week old…but he’s only 1 month now=P

  19. Your photos turned out so lovely. It’s hard to choose which one I like the best. Thanks for sharing!

  20. It’s been almost 2 years! It’s time! Fingers crossed for this!

  21. About a year ago. Not in the budget.

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