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Life as a mother is messy, but you didn’t need me to bring this statement to light, pretty sure right now you’re cleaning up something your little person has managed to make a disaster zone.  I found at the first stages of motherhood I feared mess, it was the only actual thing I still had control over, including urination {yes, you got that right, I totally just crossed the line}. I thought maybe if I kept things looking in tip top shape they would in turn feel this way. It wasn’t until Sofia was about a year when I noticed she hated being dirty, avoided things that could possibly make her feel messy including painting, baking and playdough. That has since changed, drastically; I didn’t realize how much my actions were causing her concerns. Not cool mama bear, not cool. From then on I’ve encourage play both messy and clean, as long as it’s something she has interest in and it’s safe.

the bigger the mess, the more the fun

In most cases this strikes true; even as an adult. Think about the things you can get into that are messy; gardening, renovating, baking and crafting — all things that leave a trailing mess, a beautiful mess, are the best sorts of fun. All I say is, make sure you’re equipped to clean and enjoy making the beautiful mess. Today I share with you our “cleaning-crew” in this household; I welcome you to Seventh Generation.

Some of our very favorite products these days are all made by Seventh Generation, including cleaning aids for our laundry, our dishes and our bodies. We use Seventh Generations in our laundry room with their natural laundry detergent packs, loving the ease of popping them in the load vs. measuring and pouring out liquid options; ain’t nobody got time for that. We also use Seventh Generation on our kitchen, their all-purpose cleaner is brilliant, I’m able to use it on granite, stainless as well as our glass stove top, I’m all for cleaning in one swift swipe. We also use their natural dish liquid that literally smells edible, lavender floral and mint, yes please – I’ll take some a la mode! And lastly we stock our bathroom with Seventh Generation products, from baby foaming shampoo and wash, to lavender body wash and bar soap. I’m one of those sensitive skin sufferers, the whole dry ichy skin fresh out of the shower type, I need to lather up instantly, however their lavender bar soap has yet to leave me running for my body butter and that always wins brownie points in my books.

What are some of your go-to cleaners for around the house; those you can count on to clean all your beautiful-messes?

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