Motherhood; this is one

Maybe I forgot after 5 years but HOLY CRAP you guys, 1 is all about making mini disasters everywhere you go. 

I can’t be alone here, HELP ME OUT HERE as I’m having a hard time remembering Sofia doing this, because frankly if she did, I did a damn good job at forgetting this stage. These days were all about pulling down (kitchen towels, hand towels, pillows, blankets, bedding), unrolling (toilet paper rolls), unloading (Tupperware drawers, cupboards, laundry baskets) and CLIMBING (anything unstable seems to be her first choice). 

Stella is a SILENT DESTROYER, she’s focused and concentrated on the task at hand, I should really be more proud shouldn’t I? It’s just… I would really like to start wiping from a fresh roll of toilet paper and not a wodd that sits in a basket collected from that last time she TP’d the house. 

I can’t be the only one; tell me your stories within our facebook thread. It’s bound to be a great resource for feeling connected on a crazy mom level, that or provide great humor for the next time insomnia hits. #yourewelcome 


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