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You know when you read a story, a real life story, touching you beyond words can explain? Exactly. It’s exactly how I felt after reading about a local mother, Michaela, and her current journey {Michaela’s Story}. Her beautiful little girl, Florence Marigold, was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1, and you can imagine how their lives have been turned upside down since.

I saw Michaela’s post online about a MUG UP; reaching out to locals, requesting a donation of mugs, for a reason that touched my soul. Michaela asked for new or pre-loved mugs to be donated to the Canucks Place for a reason purely of simple comforts. At the end of a rather emotionally draining day for parents with young children facing battles, relaxing with a cozy cup of tea can be just what they need to relax, gather their emotions, and prepare for the days ahead.

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You see I grew up believing that a cup of tea could fix almost anything. My mama would always use a cup of tea, served from her finest china to fix a broken heart, ease stress, and even to heal a common cold or flu. I stand true to this belief and the thought that I could possibly make someone’s night with a simple mug, sat so lovingly with me. I know this feeling, I know the warmth that fills your heart when you cozy up to your favorite mug, and sip away the days sorrows. I know this. I had to help.

Myself, Sofia, Mama, and Tamara and Everly from Discovering Parenthood met up at a local pottery studio, Color me Mine, got creative and had so much fun painting mugs for Michaela and Florences Mug Up. Although I thought I did a pretty stinkin’ cute job, I glanced over at Tamara’s design, let me tell you my trio of polka dots and mama’s hearty and masculine stripes had nothing on her woodland scene. An adorable fox couple, scattered red and white polka dot mushrooms and a perfectly baby blue skyline; this girl has done this once before I say. Let’s just pretend I’m totally new to this.

If you’re able, if you can, please get in touch with Michaela here, and find out where you can donate!


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  1. Wow! Of course you know that I grew up with these same values, “a cup of tea can cure many things” and I still believe this even with all the nursing knowledge I have stuffed in my head! This Mug Up fundraiser is awesome and I wish I could come create a mug with you to send to Canucks Place. I have a large place in my heart for Canucks place and the wonderful work that they do day after day! Thanks for sharing this and Michaela’s story T. xoxo

  2. I too believe a good cup of tea can fix many a things, and is works wonders to relax the soul. Everly and I had so much fun painting mugs with you all. Dont worry my mug may not be all to grand sadly the fox and the black outline may have gotten in a bit of a fight. Maybe I should have warned you I am artsy.

    Such a great cause everyone. If you want to hand paint a smaller mug, check this out:
    Starting NOW until (and including) Sunday Nov. 17, walk into Create-It Emporium and say you want to paint a mug for Canuck Place and you will get a 12 oz mug for only $8 plus tax – this includes studio time, paints, firing AND the mugs will be delivered by the amazing girls from the studio. (Normally, these mugs are $15 – thank you for a generous discount!) Michaele got this deal organized all on her own!

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