Music that Speaks to me

I often find myself getting lost in music. A great way for me to soul-search, get my head out of the clouds and into what really matter. Right now. The present time. As I sit on my patio, baby asleep, I loose myself in music. I blog, I listen, I sing, I let all my worries drift in the breeze. It’s really moments like this that matter most. Where you let your mind rest; rest peacefully of all it’s motherly stresses it faces day in day out. 

I should really do this more often. 

Some songs right now that you may find on repeat are pretty much anything from Macklemore {he has my soul right now}, some mellow beats by Phillip Phillips and one catchy Miley song. Yes lovelies, I admit. I listen, and thoroughly enjoy Miley’s newest track. And here is why: 

MacklemoreSame Love  //  listen here
“I can’t change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to”

Phillip PhillipsGone, Gone, Gone  //  listen here
“You’re my back bone.You’re my cornerstone.You’re my crutch when my legs stop moving.You’re my head start. You’re my rugged heart. You’re the pulse that I’ve always needed.”

Miley CyrusWe Can’t Stop  //  listen here
“it’s our body we can do what we want too, it’s our house we can love who we want to, it’s our song we can sing if we want to, it’s our mouth we can say what we want to”

It’s words like these that keep me grounded. That keep my mind from wandering to places it need not be. It keeps a smile on my face, and love in my heart. What songs have touched you lately lovelies?


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  1. I’m loving the Pink song Beam Me Up, it’s got a great message, however be prepared with some tissues cause it’s a tearjerker. I shed a tear every time I hear it. It reminds me of those who i have lost and what i would do if I had just one more moment with them. Great song!

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