My due date has passed me… isnt that fabulous!

So I’m due today… end of story!
Do we really need to talk about it?
Turn your back on it and it will come running back right? That’s how I’d deal with not getting my way…. why not this?

Gah – Ladies, help me out here. How does one wait for a BIG DAY without any knowledge on when, where and how. This is pretty much torture at its finest? Its like knowing someone is hosting a suprise party for you but not knowing ANY details including why the heck they are throwing the party.

I sit here, eating my breakfast – writing this out thinking maybe, just maybe a little extra syrup on my French Toast will do the trick… or maybe switching to chocolate milk and chocolate chips on my greek yogurt will cox her out. Sorta like a little extra incentive if she is a good girl? And so I do…. mini chocolate chips, chocolate milk and some good old syrup! 

….and so now that my blood sugars have HIT AN ALL TIME RECORD HIGH… I must go, and walk, and walk, and walk, and walk, until I’ve learnt my lesson – or else my water breaks. One of the other.

This will be the first time and probably last time I ask you all this, but please, WISH ME SOME LABOR PAINS PLEASE…. 



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  1. I was induced at 41+1 (due to low fluid) but I think she would’ve come the day she did induction or not. My fluids were just below the warning so I was given the choice to induce on the Wednesday or wait till the Friday (10 days over)…I said “I’m here, let’s do this”.
    Due dates are just an estimate…go into it thinking your due date is a week later than it is and all will be well 😉
    Good luck…and enjoying vegging out…oh and sex and spicy food 😉

  2. Torture! This is such a hard part. Just remember, it will happen. She has to come out sometime so there is an end point. I guess she’s just comfy.

  3. No doubt it’s torture Katrina! I bet she is just comfy cozy and thinking Ill just wait until they force me out 🙂

    Lara…. my goodness I sure hope I don’t have to be given and option like that – I hope she chooses to just come out on her own like a good girl.

    I know due dates are a mere estimate, I know this cuz mine changed twice. But I was hoping that she would be like her mama and come on time, planned and possibly at a later date become a Wedding Planner like her mama!!! Ha Ha Ha


  4. Awe Tai!

    You have made it nice and cozy for Sofia! She’s loving the chocolate chips and syrup who would LEAVE lol !!! Eat something bitter like lemons/lemonaid maybe that will intice her to be like ewe get me outta here !!! haha ….

    Well I hope she has at least started her arrival today! And she has choosen to come on her own. xoxox Thinking of you and Sammy! Hope you have a wonderful day and you are always in my thoughts for a quick and easy peasy labour!

    – Jill

  5. Aww, praying for you!! Thank you for the sweet comments about the chandelier! I hope your baby comes out happy and healthy (and soon) and that you enjoy every second with your little one! Enjoy the break from crafting for a bit, but if you do make the chandelier some time, please let me know! 🙂

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