My love story…. Wedding Edition

Once upon a time, boy met girl, boy proposed to girl, and then boy and girl got married. Boy and girl later had a beautiful baby girl and they lived happily ever after. However today, we will further indulge in how “boy and girl got married”. 
*missed how boy met girl and boy proposed to girl? Come see here.

As most of you know, I was a Wedding Planner for 8 years. Living, Breathing and Eating everything Weddings is every girls dream isn’t it. I thought so anyways! I had planned my own Wedding in my head, and on scrap paper since I could remember. Vividly recalling a dress I designed in Grade 5 with white furry boas around the neckline and bottom. Good thing I couldn’t find the sketch for the Dress Designer, had to go another route. 

My Wedding was a day filled with memories I will never forget. Probably the only event in my life that was all that I had hyped it up to be. Dreaming of this day since I had told my third grade boyfriend that he would one day marry me and “this is how it would go”…. it was better than I had every imagined. By far my most favorable moments was walking down the aisle. Thanks to my Auntie Debbie I caught it all on video here… so special!

We chose to get married on the same day that my parents were, December 6th – taking a chic, rustic, winter theme through out the event. We had snow falling as I walked the aisle, entertainment from the Vancouver Ballet with a 3D Movie between the Ceremony and Reception. With 10′ golden trees in the center of every table, more candles that you could ever imagine and an evening set to the entire collection of the Nutcracker, it was picture perfect. I just love looking through the pictures…. I cannot wait for the day that Sofia Marie asks me to see our Wedding Pictures. I will be so ecstatic to share these memories with her. Showing her that love is why she is here today. 

{All Photos are credited to the beautiful Jennifer from Jennifer Kirk Photography}


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  1. Stunning!!! You looked so beautiful and different too! Love the hood. I am diggin the new blog design too- who did it?

  2. Your wedding looked amazing!!! You should be in a mag! Love your dress…

  3. OMG….LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I love that photo of you and your sister…you can feel the excitement!! LOVE your hoodie too, jealous! I need to get one for myself!! 😉 Stunning!! You look stunning together and all of the details are just amazing!! xoxo

  4. Girl that hooded jacket is to die for!!! love love love!!

  5. Super fun!! Love that you had a winter wedding 😉 Mine was summer although I love Fall. Funny how these things happen 😉

  6. You make me wanna get married, like NOW!

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