My Pregnancy Today by Babycenter App Review

I have about 5 or 6 App’s on my iphone that are all about me and baby that I just love. However their is one that really stands out to me that I go to daily. It’s the Babycenter Pregnancy App called “My Pregnancy Today” which is FREE. Its a day by day guide on what to expect, including images and video’s, its just beyond amazing. I’m sure for mothers like Mrs Dugger{mother of 18… or something like that} wouldn’t have much need for and App as such. However for a first time mom, I’d even say it is vital. 

Details from The BabyCenter Website:

BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today is the most comprehensive daily pregnancy app from the world’s most trusted pregnancy and parenting resource. Simply enter your baby’s due date, and BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today turns your phone into an expert guide for each day of your pregnancy. Feel more prepared for your baby’s birth and get the answers you need, whenever you need them.   
Here’s what you’ll get:
  • My pregnancy day by day: BabyCenter’s renowned weekly guide to pregnancy is now optimized for your smart phone with daily information and advice.
  • Fetal development images: See your baby grow with our one-of-kind images developed by expert medical illustrators.
  • Pregnancy checklist:  This interactive to-do list is filled with activities and reminders to keep you on track with decisions, doctor appointments, and more.
  • Award-winning videos: Watch what’s happening inside the womb with breathtaking 3-D animations, or, get informed (and inspired) about your own delivery day with live-action birth videos.
  • Birth clubs: Meet other moms-to-be who are due at the same time as you and get instant advice and support.
  • Due date calculator: Figure out your due date and count down to the big day.
  • Nutrition guide: These tips and recipes will help you eat well and manage cravings.
What I love most about this App, is probably the fact that my husband and I can follow and understand just what is going on in this body of mine – giving me excuses for my daily whines of back pain, my mad dash’s to the washroom at 2am and my nightly fight with my pillows trying to achieve comfort. I now have excuses for everything and they are all backed up by this lovely little App. 

Their is a whole lotta shoving my phone in his face “see I told you… its totally normal” at my house? How about you ladies?
Here is one of the video’s that you can see on your phone as a weekly update… tell me this isn’t beyond cool. I just find it so neat, hard to believe thats actually going on in my body, but still so neat!

“My Pregnancy Today” App by Babycenter gets a “Mommy Award” for there brilliance in helping new parents understand and guide them day-by-day in their Pregnancy. They also win the award for the simple reason that they provide me solid facts for winning battles between my Husband and I on why if Baby is as only as large as a Apple Seed, my back can still ache!

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