My Top 5 Healthy-ish Desserts

I haven’t met a person who didn’t love their desserts. If their are any of you out there that actually exist, I dare you to stop the drool from forming! We all know a dessert is meant to be a treat, and a treat is meant to be special, therefore not eaten often. However I am sure that if we had the choice, we would eat them daily. Am I right? Maybe, just maybe my top 5 healthier desserts will allow treating ourselves to be more regular. What do you think? Dessert tonight lovelies? My Top 5 Healthy-ish Desserts:   

1. Microwave Chocolate Cake

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If you ask me, anything made in a jar I think it’s the “cutest dessert ever”. Just something about those sweet little jars that has me swooning. It no doubt this microwave chocolate cake has my heart skipping a beat. Looking forward to trying it out soon!
{photo: fit foodie finds}

2. Mascato Vanilla Poached Apricots

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Have not quite put my fingers on if this dessert had me at Mascato or Vanilla. I love them both equally. SERIOUSLY. Either way this is going to be a staple in my house this summer. Apricots on Vanilla Ice Cream. Serious yum factor here lovelies.  
{photo: busy in brooklyn}

3. Chocolate Chip Yogurt Donuts

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A healthy donut? I bet you think this is a mistake. NOPE. This it’s not lovelies. This baked, not fried donut is make with Greek Yogurt, and very minimal added sugar. I have made my very own healthy version of a donut without ANY butter at all here. Make sure you try out both our recipes. 
{photo: making thyme for health}

4. Red Velvet Brownies

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Red Velvet Brownie?! Sign me up… now! I need this brownie in my life, Monday through Friday, and double time on Saturday and Sunday. #JustSayin
{photo: dessert with benefits}

5. Strawberry Basil Frozen Yogurt

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I love saying “froyo”, but that’s not just the reason I love the sounds of this dessert. The european in me loves mixing my herbs and fruit. This will no doubt be a dessert I will try in the summer months.  
{photo: the iron you}

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