My Valentine’s Wish List


If I may; this is just a small list of those things that I would love to see on my pillow the morning of Valentine’s Day. Some like to wake up on the morning of love with flowers and chocolates, although this are both very nice, they eventually die, disappear and add extra rolls to places I’d rather not. I prefer to see items that will live forever, that make me feel warm and cozy on the inside, something that when I see it, I think about how much I am loved.

Where better place to find such a gift that keeps on giving; Etsy of course:

1. because everyone’s lips could use some love during the month of getting close for comfort; buy here
2. because my office could use a little puppy love, and why not in red; buy here
3. because these rings ooze “i love you”; buy here
4. because it’s true and I want the world to know; buy here
5. because I have yet to fill my wardrobe with any elbow patches and this must be fixed; buy here
6. because wearing your heart on your finger is the new black; buy here
7. because I’ve always wanted to see my name carved into a tree; buy here
8. because I’m from Canada and these are a necessity; buy here

This Valentine’s Day, what are you hoping to get?


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