Nearing D-Day….

I’m getting close to the BIG DAY and I can’t help but think about how much fun its going to be taking care of a little human being all by ourselves. Something Sammy and I think it’s a dream, we have been waiting for this day to come for what feels like years. Now, only 5 weeks away it almost seems factitious. At times when we think we are fully ready, our bubble is popped with another item we seem that we feel is beyond important. Like a “wipe warmer”. Our poor baby girl, she must have warm wipes touch her bum at all times. A wireless “wipe warmer” too – what if we are on the go and she needs a change? “Oh boy” how we are yet to be ready for her beautiful little face to shine. 

We have her Baby Shower scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, we have been hard at work making it just right. Some find it odd that I am planning the party, however if you knew my past {a wedding planner} you would know I would never let the reins go of my baby girls first party. The Theme, the Music, the Stationary, the Decor, the Food, the Games… they must all be just right. Just perfect, for my baby girl to look back on and know her mama would do anything to make sure her parties were out of this world. No detail goes missed. 

Which leads me to my next task after the Shower…My Hospital Bag. 
That sure has been a task and a half, trying to come up with a list of necessities for and event you have yet to ever experience in your entire life. It sure can be daunting, however thanks to Sheri at Mommy Adventures and a few other baby sites – I THINK I have all I need listed out for me. Now its just time to start marking them all off and getting them in the PINK Bag {did you expect anything less ladies}?.

Stay tunes, I will do an “what’s in my Hospital Bag” post soon – as soon as I get it complete that is. 



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  1. Have fun at your baby shower! I did my makeup before I had my c-section. I still looked a mess after : )

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