NEW SERIES: Calling All Mama’s


So if you follow me on Facebook you will know that every so often I turn to the parents out there for some SERIOUS help. No, not for a response to “do my hips look big in this skirt”, or “am I squinching too much or just enough”. Important mama questions, like “how to you deal with tantrums” and “when do you stop the use of 1/2 when talking of your babes age” or how about “is 2 years old too early to drop naps”. Real life questions that deserve some attention. I ask, and you reply. Seriously! I asked and a army of mama’s came through and showed support, shared stories, reassured decisions and overall came together. I love you ladies like I do my tangible friends. Really I do!

So here is what I ask, alongside my cries for help, do you have anything you would like answered by fellow mothers? I would be more than happy to compile a list and throw them out there every so often tagging you to get some answers from all the woman and mothers that gather at Little Miss Mama’s Facebook Page. Send me your CRY FOR HELP at and I will throw it out to the mama bears during the week on facebook, tagging you, and hopefully helping you gather some support, answers, and helpful stories.

In your e-mail, please write in your subject CRY FOR HELP and include your facebook name, and images if needed and your question. I will reply and let you know when it will go live and you can follow along from home.

Seriously; the answers to all your “what the heck do I do now” mama questions! This is so stinkin’ rad; and I am that much cooler for thinking of it. *toot toot*



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